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Donation Exploration: Helping Those in Need

Entrepreneurial journalism is a growing trend among journalist worldwide. Many have created their own businesses around news, special hobbies, and other markets. If I were to create my own, I would create one that was a nonprofit business. Donation Exploration: Helping Those in Need would connect people in a community who need extra help to those willing to help out. I believe local journalism can inspire people to help their community members in need.

Donation Exploration would have its own website with a weekly updated blog telling stories of children, families, and singles who could use an extended hand. News stories could include children who are not getting enough food at home but new school backpack programs are sending children home with extra food so they don’t go hungry. Or homeless shelters raising money before winter to add more heat lamps and add on additional sleeping quarters. And include numerous stories about local food pantries, soup kitchens, and ways the Salvation Army has improved communities. In addition to the blog, there would also be a Facebook and Twitter page people can access over laptops, smartphones, and tablets to keep informed on ways to donated, volunteer, or share their own personal stories.

The target audience would be people who are willing to help in any way or the ones who would benefit from Donation Exploration. Donation Exploration would have designated places for people to donate/receive food, clothing, and shelter. By the use of the media, we could create detailed reports of specific items that are desperately needed. Donation Exploration would accept donations via PayPal because you don’t necessarily have to be a PayPal member, you can donate if you have a credit card. The nonprofit organization would also accept debit or cash donations located at the main office located in Quincy, Illinois. Donation Exploration would also reach out to larger companies such as the Campbell Soup Company to sponsor a local soup kitchen. Poynter had an article with great advice, “The advantages of a nonprofit are tax exemption and the ability to accept grants from foundations, while also allowing individuals to make tax-exempt donations.” Poynter also created an entire article dedicated to resources that nonprofit organizations can use such as the Nonprofit Journalism Hub.

Donation Exploration is based in Quincy, Illinois, near my hometown. Quincy qualifies as a smaller market area and I would prefer to create nonprofit business in smaller areas. I feel that larger cities like Chicago or New York consume most public/government donations. Creating awareness that people who are your neighbors are going hungry or children in your community are going without a winter coat will inspire others to donate locally. When hiring, I would look for not only genuinely caring people but also skills in journalism, web design, public speaking, and nonprofit business along with having a college degree. The main focus of Donation Exploration: Helping Those in Need would be to promote awareness through entrepreneurial journalism. Journalism has the power to change lives through creativity. 

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